Create a customized PE/VC investor list in 3 clicks

Fast and easy-to-use platform to identify investors for any project with numerous filters optimizing the investor search. Focus on Middle East, Africa and Pan-Asia.
Moreover find and choose all available financing (apart from PE/VC) options for your project.

Access best-in-class PE/VC intelligence

Find opportunities. Bolster your research. Get financing is a fast and easy-to-use platform to identify relevant private equity, venture capital and angel investors for any project, startup or a mature company.

At first, we started as a PE/VC database only, but then we decided to explore and consolidate other financing options for startups. Now our platform has information on grants, accelerators/incubators, alternative and SME financing as well as crowdfunding options. And we have an awesome crowdfunding primer.

Select an industry, region or any other filter criteria and get a customized investor list from a vast PE/VC/Angel database in seconds, including investors from emerging market regions, such as Middle East and Africa (MENA), Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) and Asia and Pacific (APAC) with more investors to come.

We believe that easy access to list of investors in these regions will have an immense impact on the global investment climate and will foster the startup financing. Our experience is based on working with numerous startups from these regions (including pre-revenue startups). We focus in MENA, CEE and APAC, but we have numerous US and EU investors and we are one a path of creating the biggest open investor database.

Alternatively, go to Financing options page to select the most suitable financing option for your project and browse through hundreds of PE/VC alternatives.

Track up-to-date investor profiles and financing options with most useful information, including investment ticket, region and investment focus and contact information of the key investment team members without being distracted with irrelevant information and registration requirements.


PE/VC investors






grants and alternative / SME / crowdfunding financing information

How can Private Equity List can help you

Most reliable and comprehensive source of private investor information with focus on emerging markets

Find and filter investors

Browse monthly updated database with filters to create targeted investor lists sorted by region, sector and investment size

Get support in receiving funding

Use our platform to directly contact the investors and get pitching support from our investment team

Grow your unicorn

Focus on your startup instead of wasting your energy on time-consuming investor research and attracting investment

What our users say

How Private Equity List helps professionals around the world

“Vast amount of relevant information on PE/VC, incubators and grants combined with friendly UI/UX. This is the exact type of resource that helps to choose and find the right investor in a timely manner.”

Mark Gladney

GPI Group

“A consolidated database of VCs and Private Equity companies that has information on not only mainstream investment regions. It’s a go-to-source for projects, consultants and advisors giving these professionals access to the MENA and ASEAN regions. Creating your individual list of matching opportunities.”

Stephan Horvath

Founder Ideations,

“An open PE/VC database is the tool that all startups need. Saving time and getting funded faster is crucial for any projects regardless of their size. PrivateEquityList makes it all possible.”

Aladar Tepelea

Associate Partner,

“Fast and user-friendly database with PE/VC investors from all over the world and lots of useful information on capital raising process – very helpful for startups. Highly recommended! ”

Max Korneev

Founder and CEO,

“PrivateEquityList is a very useful resource for any investment/non-investment professional. Finding the right investors for the project can be done in 3-4 clicks due to highly effective filters. Definitely worth using!”

Steven Thomas

stc Bahrain

“A handy and elegant companion in researching various financing options starting from pre-MVP startups to companies with over $10m annual revenue. Constant updates give this platform a huge development potential.”

Shintaro Hashimoto

Associate Director,
InSitu Asia

“Together with PrivateEquityList we are able to better grasp PE/VC landscape in most of more exotic investment regions. Plus finding micro/small cap VC funds is quicker than ever.”

Emil Zakirov

Associate Director,


If our FAQ has no answers to your inquiries, just play with the website around some more. It is very simple

Why should I use Is it free? is a free and consolidated database of all investors. Currently we have over 4400 investors in our database and growing every month. Other databases are either very costly corporate solutions or focus on US and EU only without showing investors from non-popular regions and countries.

Why can’t I see investor contacts now? Will it be available later?

We are working on gathering the investor contacts right now and will update the service within next 3 months. Contacts of the investment teams that include analyst, associate, VP and even partner e-mails will be available along with social links if they are available.

What makes your database special?

1. We are gathering all PE&VC funds in the world in one place with several filters.
2. We have database of PE/VC funds that support women, LGBTQ and other minorities.
3. We focus on non-popular geographical regions such as MENA, APAC and even exotic regions where investor information is scattered and scarce (unlike in US/EU). Have you ever tried to find list investors of that operate in Bangladesh or Philippines? That’s not an easy task.

Who are the users of your platform?

Our investor platform will certainly help you to find what you need if you are:

  • startup founder searching for investors and seed financing
  • investment research professional
  • corporate finance consultant who is compiling a list of investors for your client

and anyone else who wants structured investor information.

Why do I need such a database?

By using our database you save:

1. Time. Just filter the investment criteria and get your investor contact list and save weeks of search.

2. Money. No need to pay money for uncertain results.

Focus on your startup!

How often is data updated?

Private equity and venture capital data is updated every month. We are analyzing accredited, institutional and activist investors lists to add them to our investor lists as soon as possible.

We also look through millionaire and billionaire lists to keep track of all angel investors every 2-3 months.

Where do you get the data?

Data is gathered both manually and automatically, checked by our team and put into our easy-to-use format.

We are planning to make “Add an investor” button, so you can add an investor to the base yourself.

What investors does your database have?

We don’t limit ourselves to any type of investor. We cover global PE/VC/Angel investors (incl. HNWI), family offices and institutional investors from different locations and numerous industries including renewable energy investors, oil&gas, mining investors and real estate. Funds of funds are also present in our database.

I have a startup, which type of funding should I look for?

Name of funding doesn’t matter as long as you get the money. It could be called seed, bridge, Round A/B. Still the investment name depends on the stage of your startup. We also have grants section (both debt and equity-free).

What sectors are you focused on?

We focus on fast-growing technology sectors, such !as EdTech, E-Commerce/Internet, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Robotics, Cloud and many sectors across all geographies, including Silicon Valley, Europe and Asia.

You can find sector lists here

Are blockchain and fintech investors present in your database?

Yes, sure, we have blockchain angel and PE/VC investors. There are over 300 active funds in our base that invest in blockchain projects.

Can you help in getting the investment?

Yes, we can help you in getting the investment and raising financing.

We can help you with:
1) Financial model and pitch deck
2) Investor contact
3) Term Sheet preparation and negotiations

See our services for more information

High attention to regions with fastest growing markets

Middle East PE/VC deal value increased by 73% during 1H 2019

MENA venture capital

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