Accent Capital

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$1-5 m

Investment Ticket

3-5 years

Investment Horizon


Investment Stage

Sale to strategic investor, IPO

Exit Strategy


We offer the most complete, effective and attentive to the interests of the client expertise in managing investments in commercial real estate on the market. Accent Capital provides a full range of commercial real estate investment management services , ranging from the development of an investment strategy and its implementation, including the search and acquisition of assets, effective commercial management, technical operation, and ending directly with the exit from the investment. We offer our clients effective solutions that provide maximum results. We help our clients to create confidence in the future, investing all their potential and accumulated experience in a systematic approach to investments in commercial real estate, in-depth market research, responsible and effective management of all stages of the investment cycle. In any aspect of our activity, we use only the best world practices, thoroughly think through and repeatedly check the opportunities and risks in order to level the chance of the slightest mistake and unforeseen accident. Thanks to this, we can identify investment opportunities that remain impervious to some investors and take advantage of them. Our work is akin to a complex, but perfectly fitted tool, guaranteed to give the expected result. Our investment philosophy is the development and implementation of long-term strategies for investing in an asset of the best quality in key sectors of commercial real estate: office, retail and logistics. We provide our investors with a wide range of opportunities for profitability and risk, by placing the capital of collective and individual funds under our management with all available investment styles and implementing the best practices of the investment process. Accent Capital focuses on 3 key market sectors: office, retail and warehouse real estate. We consider a wide range of characteristics that determine the investment quality of investment, giving priority to economically developed geographies (metropolises and "millionaires"), the best locations (with industrial, transport and pedestrian accessibility), pools of long-term tenants with low credit risks (international and federal). In order to provide its clients with the maximum range of opportunities in terms of profitability / risk parameters, Accent Capital applies all styles of strategies for investing in commercial real estate from conservative to high-risk.


Real Estate Retail Logistics

Region of investment

North America Europe Asia


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