ACrew Capital

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United States

$5-10 m

Investment Ticket

3-5 years

Investment Horizon

Seed, Series A

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Sale to strategic investor, IPO

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LTV IS FOR YOU IF YOU ARE: An early stage company raising a Seed or Series A Looking for a long term partner who can write a check for $1 to 15 million Solving a problem in one of our core thesis areas WHY PARTNER WITH LTV: Domain Depth We have four thesis areas, each led by one of our senior partners. Our knowledge and networks go deep. Diverse Talent We have a community of nearly 500 diverse leaders across industries & function areas who actively support our companies Tailored Rounds We can flex up or down in your round to accommodate the team of investors that is most important to you. We believe being in the best companies matters more than an ownership target. Partner in Fundraising Next time you fundraise, you won’t do it alone. We’ll offer guidance on when to raise, how to pitch and we’ll introduce you to the right people (not just firms) so you can get back to building your business. OUR COMPANIES We engage in long-term partnerships with world-class teams that are uniquely suited to transform big challenges into bigger opportunities. Financial Services Rebuilt Fintech innovation of the last decade was characterized by startups that made existing financial products digital-first. Now, many of those companies threaten legacy financial institutions and, as a result, financial products and services are being fundamentally reimagined. A new era of application layer financial product innovation is now possible, opening the gates to embed financial services inside software. Decentralized finance accelerates these possibilities even further, using code to replace gatekeepers. In many regions around the globe, underserved individuals and organizations are leapfrogging traditional financial services and gaining access to the financial sector for the first time via fintech. In our view, every sector in the world of financial services will be rebuilt from the ground up and we are still in the early innings of this transformation. Venture capital is living in a bygone era. Our industry uses its capital to fund disruption but, ironically, has done little work to disrupt itself. Hierarchy and homogeneous networks still dominate. Affiliated wealth creation is limited to closed networks of people. And the “game” is played with “rules” that don’t best serve founders. We know that having a diversity of perspectives leads to better outcomes. Organizations need to hear from enough vantage points to make the most informed decisions. And democratizing access to wealth creation broadens influence to a less uniform group. A change is far overdue.


Education Edtech Fashion/Beauty Financial Services Fintech Healthcare Services Media and Entertainment Other Real Estate Security Software Sports/SportsTech Travel HealthTech TravelTech

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North America Europe


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