Altera Investment Fund

Investor type


Last fund created






$0-1 m

Investment Ticket

3-5 years

Investment Horizon

Series B

Investment Stage

Sale to strategic investor, IPO

Exit Strategy


Altera Asset Management company manages 8 private funds.The company offers asset management services to individual and corporate investors, and invites insurance companies to participate in investment funds. Each of the funds, currently operational or being created, has its own investment strategy, portfolio structure and maturity date. The Company offers to the investor maximum flexibility in selecting a fund that suits his investment preferences and allows him achieve his goals. Funds can be of a corporate or share type; open, interval-type, or closed; with or without a maturity date; diversified or undiversified, as well as venture. A venture fund is a fund that has maximum risks and maximum profitability, with minimum limitations on asset structure. It is suited to implement practically any investment strategy possible. According to the recent amendments to the Law of Ukraine ‘On mutual funds’ (par.4), individuals can only participate in a venture fund if they purchase securities of the fund for a total sum of at least 1,500 minimum wages.


Edtech Business Services (B2B) Consumer Services (B2C) Education Financial Services Fintech

Region of investment

Europe Asia


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