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$0-1 m

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3-5 years

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Seed, Series B, Series A

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Sale to strategic investor, IPO

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We are Armilar Venture Partners, an independent VC fund manager of more than 260 million euros of assets, represented by worldwide companies with innovative products and services that are improving our world, the way we live, and the way we do business. We are the same team, with the same commitment, now with the independence needed to build our long-term vision of a value builder for the XXI century. We believe in the power of new technologies to change the world. We follow a "deep-tech" investment theme, looking for exciting opportunities that are based in leading-edge technology across a range of sectors. We see many of them, and we're very selective. First and foremost, we are a strong believer that an outstanding technology is not sufficient to drive a company's success, if it isn't led by the right people. We look for entrepreneurs who are not only very knowledgeable of their business and technology, but who also show the keen intellect and the necessary resilience and honesty to overcome the adversities that their company will surely be facing. By the way, we only invest in minority stakes of equity - it's your company, and we want to keep it that way. Secondly, we believe that companies that only deliver incremental change cannot create a significant value. We will invest in a company if it is the best in its field, with a unique technology or technology-based business model that is a disruptive improvement or solution to a valuable problem. We also believe that companies that address a local or a small niche market will remain local or small in their impact. The companies we support have a global mindset and their product has a global addressable market in the billions of euro. Last but not least, we want to deliver a very strong return to our investors. Therefore, we will only invest in companies which we strongly believe offer an enormous valuation potential in the medium term. Armilar is a deep-tech specialist. With ICT at the core of our investment focus, we invest in technologies that address the key challenges in Globalisation, Demography, and the Environment.


Agriculture Digital Education Edtech Financial Services Fintech Food and Beverage Foodtech Gaming Healthcare Services Industrial Media and Entertainment Medical Devices Other Real Estate Security Software Blockchain/Crypto AI MedTech Energy Cybersecurity Internet of Things (IoT) HealthTech Mobility AgriTech

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North America Europe


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