ASA Ventures

Investor type







United Arab Emirates

$1-5 m

Investment Ticket

3-5 years

Investment Horizon

Series B, Seed, Series A

Investment Stage

Sale to strategic investor, IPO

Exit Strategy


Arif Saiyad & Associados (ASA) Ventures, established in 2003 in Portugal and headquartered in Dubai, works on hybrid models of Venture Capital.

ASA is the combined strength of professional expertise and smart capital coming together, aiming to add value to the start-up ecosystem with a unique investment philosophy and in-house expertise working collectively making the investments and ventures successful.

ASA’s diverse investment portfolio is composed of B2B and B2C companies spanning over various industries: from customer satisfaction, business optimization, retail, fashion, connectivity, networking, all the way to tech media.

The group sees its presence in developing countries as a significant opportunity, allowing us to circulate ideas, research, technologies, talent, and best practices. ASA currently has operations in 5 countries with expansions planned into 5 more, all of which are developing economies with high growth potential and market gaps.

ASA realizes that while consumers are primed and ready to lead digitally enhanced lives, businesses and governments have not fully embraced the digital opportunities yet; and that’s where ASA makes its mark.

With extensive experience in developing and investing into startups and well-established investment process, ASA secures high-quality assets at attractive valuations; and with extensive technical and operating expertise on the international stage and well-established operating models evident through profitable sales and value, ASA turns around its portfolio companies into leaders in their domains.

At ASA, we realize that digital solutions change the economics of doing business across borders, bringing down costs, creating markets, and user communities with global scalability; thus providing our businesses with a huge base of potential customers and effective ways to reach them.


Business Services (B2B) Fashion/Beauty Networking Retail Consumer Services (B2C) Digital Education Edtech Fintech Food and Beverage Foodtech IT Services Marketing and Advertising Media and Entertainment Real Estate SaaS Software Technology Financial Services Other AdTech

Region of investment

Europe Middle East


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