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CDH Overview Established in 2002, CDH Investments is one of the leading alternative investment fund managers focused on China today with over US$25.7 billion of assets under management, as of April 1, 2021. CDH was founded by WU Shangzhi, JIAO Shuge and four other investment professionals who worked together in the direct investment department of China International Capital Corporation beginning in 1995. From its roots in private equity, CDH has expanded to become a diversified alternative asset management platform covering: Private Equity, Real Assets, Venture and Growth Capital, Mezzanine&Credit, Public Equities and Wealth Management. CDH has more than 150 investment professionals working in offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen. CDH has invested in more than 260 companies and has helped more than 70 companies successfully list on international and China’s domestic stock exchanges. As of 2017, these companies employ more than 1,500,000 people. Many of them are sector leaders, and, collectively, they play an important role in China’s economy. CDH’s core principle is to create value for all of our partners, including investors and portfolio companies. We continually strive to embody this principle and make it the basis for all of our decisions. We maintain close cooperative partnerships with over 100 international and local institutional investors. CDH Investments has established an unparalleled network of relationships with China’s leading management teams. Our investment experience and knowledge of China’s domestic economy allow us to be ideal partners for both investors and companies. CDH Investments strives to become the most respected alternative asset management platform in the Asia region. As a capital management firm centered on talent,CDH Investments is an alternative investment management firm that fully understands the importance of talent.We are guided by respect, trust and the desire to nurture all viewpoints. While we emphasize teamwork, we respect individuality. We have an inclusive culture that encourages individual experience and open exchange of ideas. We believe that everyone should use their unique talents to contribute to CDH. We have developed a fair and transparent management system that supports an open environment that brings out the best in each of us. Vocational Development Growth Opportunities for New Employees Departmental rotations: For the first two years after a new employee is hired, he or she rotates through the company’s various business departments. New employees have the opportunity to learn about and get involved in different businesses, and to discover their own strengths. At the same time, new hires also have the opportunity to engage in due diligence work on prospective investment opportunities. Free exchange of views: CDH advocates an equal, inclusive and sharing culture. The company has no strict hierarchical system. Only when everyone feels equal do they have the courage to voice their opinions in the investment decision-making process. CDH Investments has invested in more than 200 companies in China’s most attractive sectors, including: retail and consumer, industrial manufacturing, financial, high-tech services, medical, and real estate. More than 60 of these companies have successfully listed on international and China’s domestic stock exchanges. Many of our portfolio companies are sector leaders. They employ more than 1,500,000 people and, collectively, they play an important role in China’s economy. The following are examples of CDH Investments’ portfolios:


Education Edtech Fashion/Beauty Financial Services Fintech Food and Beverage Foodtech Gaming Healthcare Services Marketing and Advertising Media and Entertainment Other Real Estate Robotics Security Software Telecommunications Transportation Travel Energy HealthTech TravelTech

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