China Development Bank Capital Co Ltd

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Last fund created



$8 300 M



$10-50 m

Investment Ticket

3-5 years

Investment Horizon

Series B

Investment Stage

Sale to strategic investor, IPO

Exit Strategy


CDB Capital was founded with the approval of the State Council in August 2009 as a subsidiary wholly owned by CDB, with registered capital of RMB 50.87 billion (approximately US$ 8.3 billion). It mainly specializes in investment and investment management.

CDB Capital plays an important and unique role within CDB’s corporate structure. Inherited investment businesses from the CDB, it has now grown into a highly integrated strategic investment platform with business operations throughout China and beyond. As of the end of 2015, its total assets reached RMB 119.6 billion, and assets under management exceeded RMB 150 billion, with RMB 4.66 billion of net profit registered in 2015. Since its foundation, CDB Capital has invested in over 400 projects, and its foreign investments totaled over RMB 170 billion.

A unique investment function. CDB Capital stands as the only professional investment institution licensed for RMB investment in the Chinese banking sector, and is defined as one of the platforms for CDB to serve national strategies. CDB’s investment function approved by the State Council is illustrative of the bank’s strategic importance and historic contribution to national development. In addition, it further increased the bank’s comprehensive coverage of financial services.

Unrivaled financial strengths. As the comprehensive RMB investment institution in China with the largest registered capital, CDB Capital has exceptional market-based financing capabilities as well as the ability to combine its operations with CDB’s credit business to satisfy various corporate financing needs from capital to loan financing.

Extensive client resources. CDB Capital has the most extensive client network coverage unmatched by all other investment institutions in China. Relying on its solid government connections, it has accumulated substantial client resources over the years in the infrastructure and industry sectors, and set up branches and subsidiaries across China and major countries and regions in the world. It has a proven record of continuously securing high quality projects, and is capable of resource integration on a worldwide scale.

Truly exceptional professional expertise. CDB Capital has fully qualified expert teams as well as professional experience in investment and financing activities. CDB’s extensive highly qualified expert resources and fully-developed risk control system allows CDB Capital to take part in development planning for various local governments and industries as well as development plan review for major projects, ensuring the quality of investment projects through tightened risk control measures.

Excellent asset management brand. CDB Capital is one of the most esteemed investment institutions and investment management brands in China. With its solid background as a state-backed investment operator, CDB Capital is establishing itself as the asset manager for major Chinese funding bodies, private capital operators and overseas investors.

Unique investment philosophy. Committing itself to sustainable healthy development of the Chinese economy, CDB Capital has always given top priority to supporting urban development and market leaders and high quality projects closely connected with the national economy capable of long-term sustainable development through the introduction of innovative financial instruments such as funds, equity investment and mezzanine capital. At the same time, CDB Capital exports management expertise and resources to its partners enabling them to fulfill their growth potential and long-term value to the fullest extent.


Construction Financial Services Other

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North America South America Europe Middle East Africa Asia Australia and others


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