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$0-1 m

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3-5 years

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Seed, Series A

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Sale to strategic investor, IPO

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We are the first venture capital firm to provide investment, expertise and networks to startups worldwide that leverage Armenia's potential as an emerging technology hub We back outstanding teams that have the vision and discipline to build high-growth enterprises targeting global markets in sectors that leverage the latest developments in social, mobile, analytics and cloud technologies. Granatus is an operationally driven firm that engages in the early stages of product development and company formation, where we can most effectively accelerate growth. We work closely with our founding teams to develop and execute strategies, while providing access to key players, markets and capital through our strong commercial and financial networks. We focus on helping companies to build the product, scale and market relying on the experience of the partners and our extensive network for access of the markets of Europe, Asia, Russia, and North America. Our approach and selection criteria are based on the following key factors and our ability to add value: Value Add Advice from the experienced entrepreneurs and investors from our Global Advisory Network Establishing operations in Armenia for its highly experienced and cost effective engineers, designers, marketers, network administrators and other engineering and operating staff Criteria Granatus invests in exceptional teams that have execution-focused approach and are dedicated to building scalable products with ambition to become leaders in high growth sectors. We particularly like: Passionate and committed management team Innovative and disruptive value proposition Financially scalable market opportunity Strong potential for sustainable recurring revenues Realistic business model and financial projections Viable exit opportunity Sector We look for businesses and teams that are: Leveraging the latest developments in social, mobile, analytics and cloud technologies Building scalable products and solutions Relying on underlying proprietary core technologies Creating global leaders in high-growth sectors Experienced in building products and have execution-focused management teams Our Team Our operationally focused team is committed to driving value by working closely with each new venture to accelerate growth and market leadership. The versatility of our hands-on approach is a result of the team's complementary mix of start-up, investment and operating expertise.


Education Edtech Financial Services Fintech Food and Beverage Foodtech Healthcare Services Marketing and Advertising Other Real Estate Security Software Telecommunications Transportation HealthTech

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