Hiro Capital

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United Kingdom

$1-5 m

Investment Ticket

3-5 years

Investment Horizon

Series B, Seed

Investment Stage

Sale to strategic investor, IPO

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Hiro Capital invests in UK, European and North American innovators in Videogames, Esports, Streaming and Digital Sports. We invest in Metaverse technology founders and Game creators who are building the future. We believe that Games and Games technologies will be at the heart of next generation human societies. For us, play is deep. We are battle-scarred entrepreneurs who back next generation entrepreneurs. We have founded games and technology disruptors worth billions of dollars. We have led companies from startups to IPO in London and New York. We are gamers and sports nerds. We love games, stories, characters and deep tech. Hiro Capital is so-named for the hero you become when you play a game or sport; the hero you are, when you found and build a company; and because we are inspired by Hiro Protagonist, lead character in Neil Stephenson’s Snowcrash, a hacker gamer human who codes the Metaverse and saves the world against the odds. We invest both in Metaverse and Web 3.0 Technology Platforms and Digital Services disrupting the above. We back experienced entrepreneurial teams, building innovative companies with a strongly differentiated proposition and with the scaling opportunity to become very large. We Believe That Games, Esports, Dsports and Metaverse technologies will be a central pillar of Entertainment, Economic and Social Life in the mid 21st century. We Invest In The Innovators Who Are Building That Future.


Digital Gaming Media and Entertainment Sports/SportsTech Edtech Hardware Mobile/Apps SaaS Software AI MedTech Technology Cloud VR/AR HealthTech Machine Learning (ML) Healthcare Services Education

Region of investment

North America Europe


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