Magma Venture Partners

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$1-5 m

Investment Ticket

3-5 years

Investment Horizon

Seed, Series A

Investment Stage

Sale to strategic investor, IPO

Exit Strategy


Magma Venture Partners is a leading Israeli venture capital firm, dedicated to investing in Israel's Information, Communications and Technology space ('ICT'), including the software, semiconductor and new media spheres. We seek bright ideas at their earliest stages, and serve as a springboard for our entrepreneurs as they develop and evolve into industry leaders. Our goal is to enable a flow of innovation from the earliest stage all the way through until a company realizes its potential reach. Magma's partners provide decades of hands-on entrepreneurial and managerial experience in the 'ICT' field. We are committed to working with outstanding entrepreneurs who develop cutting-edge technologies locally, and together, spreading them globally towards becoming category leaders. Magma's partners connect industry experts and investors to support entrepreneurs as they build successful companies that disrupt and redefine ICT's future. Magma Venture Partners prides itself in being a true partner for innovation. Investment Principles Magma Venture Partners is dedicated to investing in opportunities developed by Israeli-related entrepreneurs in the Information, Communications and Technology sphere ('ICT'), including the Software, Semiconductor and Media spaces. We are committed to finding innovative technologies developing locally, and spreading them globally. Magma seeks innovation at its earliest stages, where we can create a manageable investment pace, and where we believe we make the most valuable impact. We distinguish exceptional teams in terms of technological mastery, domain expertise, general management capabilities, and personal attributes. Our greatest priority is the success of our companies; thus, we share close working relationships between entrepreneurs, portfolio companies, investors, and global technology leaders. Magma's approach is focused, integrative, professional and involved: we pride ourselves in being a true partner for innovation for outstanding entrepreneurs.


Education Edtech Fashion/Beauty Financial Services Fintech Gaming Healthcare Services Marketing and Advertising Media and Entertainment IT Services Real Estate Security Software Sports/SportsTech Telecommunications Transportation Travel HealthTech TravelTech SaaS Technology

Region of investment

North America Europe


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