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IPO, Sale to strategic investor

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Maxis Girişim Sermayesi Portföy Yönetimi A.Ş. ("Maxis") was established in November 2017 in the light of the legislative regulations that offer new opportunities in our country's venture capital activities in accordance with world standards. Within the scope of CMB's Communiqué on Principles Regarding Venture Capital Investment Funds, Maxis will establish and manage venture capital investment funds that meet the capital needs of venture capital promising venture companies with qualified investors with a long-term perspective who are interested in venture capital investments. Maxis aims to respond to the expectations of investors for returns appropriate to the risk they receive by realizing successful application examples of the venture capital investment funds model, which is widespread in the world, in different investment themes in Turkey and to create permanent value with the management contribution it will provide to the sustainable rapid growth and institutionalization of venture companies. In this process, investment opportunities will be evaluated by benefiting from close collaborations to be established with Turkey's leading venture capital companies. Venture capital investment funds to be established and managed within the scope of the Company's activities are defined as assets that have no legal personality and are established periodically in order to operate the portfolio created by acquiring venture capital qualified assets determined by the Capital Markets Board of Turkey on behalf of shareholders with the money collected from qualified investors with a long-term investment perspective. Venture capital, which has a significant weight in the world as a long-term capital investment type and has started to develop in Turkey since the 2000s, is within the scope of strategic planning; It aims to make investments in companies, to contribute to the growth and corporate development of companies and to obtain profit by disposing of companies at the end of the targeted period. Venture capital mutual funds, where the risks are higher than other types of investments, also have high expectations of returns. The duration of venture capital investment funds in the world is usually determined as 10 years.


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