MODA Capital

Investor type








$1-5 m

Investment Ticket

3-5 years

Investment Horizon

Seed, Series B

Investment Stage

Sale to strategic investor, IPO

Exit Strategy


MODA Capital is a fund that is specialized in trading in blockchain assets. The Blockchain market is a very young and fast moving market with endless possibilities to be intrusive in basically any existing market. We have a team of people who have dedicated the last couple of years to research this market and actively trade in it as well. Trough our in depth knowledge of the functioning of the blockchain and our code analysis of the blockchain projects, our team can pick the blockchain assets that creates value for our participants, and avoid owning assets that are a value trap or will have no value at all in the long term. This has created the opportunity for investors to profit from our experience and knowledge of the Blockchain market and blockchain technology, our dedication to monitor and trade the volatile swings of the Blockchain market on a 24/7 basis. Our investors will save their valuable time by mandating MoDA to trade the markets on their behalf.


Fintech Blockchain/Crypto

Region of investment

North America South America Europe Asia


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