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WHAT IS A SOC? Lets create one big SOC. It is already more than clear that a company cannot do without digital security planning, something that involves people, processes and technologies. However, it is not always. Feasible to set up an internal digital security team, dedicated to monitoring the structure, Both for budgetary reasons and demand priorities. A viable solution in this case is to. Seek a partnership with a SOC, which stands for Security Operations Center. SOC is a team – which may or may not be outsourced – wholly dedicated to analyzing. Traffic flow and monitoring threats and attacks. Thus, it is responsible for monitoring the company's security posture and any. Cybersecurity threats. The SOC helps protect all areas of an organization's IT. Infrastructure, including networks, software, and stored data. For that, it works non-stop, 24x7, to track events registered in the company's system and. Decide how such occurrences will be treated. They are usually supported by a team of. Security analysts, engineers and managers who work to respond immediately to security. Threats. The security operations center is also continually looking for ways to improve the. Organization's defense posture as well as prevent future cyber attacks. Millions of malicious Hackers, every day do pentest, when they are not. Awake, use they use artificial intelligence to track and monitor. Hackers invade systems, penetrate security cameras watching the daily. Steps of public and private officials. The networks where the cameras are connected do not have specific cyber security, most of the time the. Cameras are connected to a wifi network, login systems, passwords, emails, documents. Is an error the configurations of network of cameras. In union with the network of systems, logins, users, wifi, and others. Various hackers websites sell database with video of department of governments in various countries. Security camera systems have to be on a separate network, and via satellite. We at ShivaTec always use Starlink, the safest network in the world. Thus, the security camera systems are assured, a single direct connection only with the cameras, and a 100% secure network. SOC | BENEFITS. Safeguards national defense by. Sending digital threat reports, auditories, database to armed forces, schools, hospitals, governments. Deparment, companies of finances, groups, associations, ong's, and banks. In +16 countries. 01. Eradicate the data leakage in 16. Countries (names, phones, emails, Documents, links, passwords and. Logins). 02. Increase cyber strength in +16. Countries. 03. Counter-hacker capacitation for law. Enforcement, teachers, health workers, Politicians teams, technology. Departments, finances departments, groups of investments, advocates, organizations public or private, associations of technology, constructories and imobiliaries, engineers companies, startups, universities, armed forces. PROFILE FOUNDER | Michel Silva. Specialist in DLP intranet, and SOC extranet. Specialist in scanners hacker for servers, logs, web, persons, emails, contacts. Specialist in implementations of softwares hackers for companies or partners. Specialist in trainning hackers using OSINT for teams or unity. Specialist in Web-intelligence, Unity-intelligence, Politics-intelligence, Threat-intelligence. Specialist in criteria and maturity per unit of employees (SALES/HR/ADMIN) relatory in levels: green, red, yellow. Specialist in risks and prevention using SAP. Specialist in simulations with sales/marketing/customer/teams/departments. Pioneering creator of the Cyberjuridic method and Google 0. Dr Michel Silva. Linkedin: https: //www. linkedin. com/in/michel-silva-52356953 Instagram: @michel.bsb Whatsapp business: +5561999726043 Email:



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